Testimonials and Case Scenarios

“After too many years with Equitable Life, it is good to feel that my investments are at last pro-actively managed with my interests in mind, Admitted there has been recent adjustments in most markets, but i look forward to future gains. Thanks – I have confidence in you.” David McGrath – Hertfordshire – aged 47

“I am very pleased with the way …. have looked after me as their client” Louise Day – aged 51 – Surrey

“Having provided me with a simple and easy service my pension has enabled me to take early retirement and move to France and enjoy the weather, food and wine at a time when i am still young enough to enjoy them. Many thank for your continued support”. Peter Thompson – aged 34 – Bradford

Like many people Susan had put thought into her future retirement plans. At 49 she had a good job that provided her with a final salary pension fund with a value of £180,000, due to give a disappointing £6,000 pa income. She’d also invested in several buy-to-let-property’s with a view to providing even more income for retirement. However, it was not going to plan and she was running up debts in trying to meet the costs of the buy-to-let mortgages. A perfect solution for Susan was to release a large percentage from her pension pot and uses this to pay off 2 off her to buy-to-let mortgages in full, as well as her debts. She knew this meant she now no longer had a pension plan, but was happy that her lifestyle today was greatly improved… And she still had 17 years to build for her retirement.
Susan Humpheries – County Donegal Northern Ireland – aged 49

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